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About Tylluan

Some of you will know me already.  I am a solitary pagan witch, author and broadcaster.  I have had three books published by Capall Bann before setting up my own press, The Wolfenhowle Press at www.thewolfenhowlepress.com   This enables me far greater control over the layout and distribution of my work which includes:

Seeking the Green

The Magical Proeprties of Plants... and how to find them

The Essential Guide to Psychic Self Defence

Magic on the Breath

All these books can be purchased (and shipped anywhere in the world) from my website, www.thewolfenhowlepress.com.  I am also happy to autograph and add an inscription of your choice at no extra cost.

In addition I often write articles for Children of Artemis' magazine, Witchcraft and Wicca.  You can also find me on Facebook, and at my blogsitem http://tylluanpenry.blog.co.uk

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