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This podcast is taken from one of my talks at the Artemis Gathering in August 2012 and deals with the way the legends of Lost Lands and Sunken Cities influence our spirituality and consciousness. It deals not only (briefly) with Atlantis, but also with the more recent discovery of Doggerland, the great land mass that joined the UK to the rest of Europe, under what is now called the North Sea.

I also discuss magical islands, especially those off the coast of Ireland, and what the legends may really be trying to tell us.

Even if you don’t live in the UK, the chances are there are similar legends of lost lands and sunken cities or magical islands somewhere near you. They seem embedded in our collective memory and I believe we need to think about them from time to time, to understand the lessons they bring to us.

Plus I share my own childhood experience of  glimpsing one of these Otherworlds!

This podcast is very much the same as the radio show ‘The Magical World of Tylluan Penry’ which was broadcast at the end of August on One World Radio, but minus the music for copyright purposes.

Copyright 2012 by Tylluan Penry.

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